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What can I upload?
See our guidelines.
Why do I have to sign in to upload?
ReflexFiles provides full management of a file over its lifetime. After initially uploading a file, it's easy to update the file to a new version and edit the information. This requires signing in, but we've made it easy by using the existing Steam system.
How does signing in work?
We're utilizing Valve's "sign in through Steam" functionality. When you sign in this way, the only information saved is your Steam ID, community name, and avatar. Your Steam username and password are never transmitted through our servers. Your information is automatically updated upon sign in, and periodically afterwards. This is used for signing in only—we won't write all over your Steam profile. You can read more about "sign in through Steam" on the Steam website.
How long are files kept?
At this time, published files are saved indefinitely. The site will also retain the last 15 revisions of a file.
What about when Reflex gets on Steam Workshop?
The site will remain up. Whatever else happens is up to the community. We think ReflexFiles has some distinct advantages over the Workshop, but it's all up to the community as to which they decide to use. Both are different; they can co-exist.
Will you have an API?
Coming Soon™. Tell us what would be useful for you as a developer.
Where are reviews? Comments? Ratings?
Coming Soon™. We rushed the site out with basic functionality to give mappers a place to organize. Things will be updated rapidly.
I have a suggestion.
Sweet! Let us know at
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