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b0 - Movement training for Reflex >>
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Title: b0 - Movement training for Reflex
Author: poub
Size: 0.5MB
Released: 2015-02-07
Last Revised: 2016-04-08
Downloads: 1868
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  • Maps - Movement

Author's Description
This is a training map to practice and refine movement skills. It was originally made for CPMA but carries over 99% to Reflex as of now.

The principle behind b0 is that almost all of the moves and jumps have their original counterparts in existing maps. So by jumping around you don't practice an abstract skill of strafepads or double/triple jumps but actual shortcuts and moves you can use during deathmatch. Additionally the jumps have usually been made a bit harder (distance/height) so when you go back to the actual maps, the jumps will be easier to execute.

The jumps are organized in four categories:
"Training" (numbered, strung together as sequences, ascending difficulty)
"Technique" (specific weapons or jumps like double, triple and stairs).
"Special" (freestyle, puzzle)
"Run" (hybrid versions of sequenced jumps and/or freestyle rooms)

This is work in progress, textures, lighting, brushwork all subject to fixing/improving.

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-04-08New/enlarged rooms, fixed player height, decor
42015-08-03Added flat 2400x2400 area to show/practice acceleration
32015-05-25- New playground room including pads
- Refined triple-jump room
22015-02-07Initial upload.
12015-02-07No notes.
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