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Title: lt_omnific
Author: nyro
Size: 11.1MB
Released: 2015-02-24
Last Revised: 2015-03-04
Downloads: 113
Forum link: [click]

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  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
// Revision 5
- Rebuilt lightmaps for 0.31.2

// Revision 4
- Added a small pit around MH.
- Added Carnage for non 1v1 modes in place of the 3 Armor Shards above the teleport in MH room.
- Added a small platform above MH leading to Quad Damage.(Moved the 3 Armor Shards to here.)
- Lowered the Health Bubble platform in YA room that's next to the teleporter.

// Revision 3
- Added a new 2-way teleporter, it connects between shotgun spawn and YA room(towards Mega side).
- Added a pillar near the booster in RA room.
- Added grates to the upper floor of RA room.
- Added an easier trick jump to connect MH to YA easier.
- Added Reflection Probes.
- Moved 50hp bubble from middle connecting hallway to the hallway above LG
- Moved 25hp bubble from the GA area in RA to the connecting area between YA/RA.
- Moved RA to lower level of RA room.
- Removed GA in RA room.
- Removed floor around the window overlooking YA room from RA room.
- Removed a few lights here and there in order to fix a dynamic shadow bug.

// Revision 2
- Added a broken pillar in mega room to provide additional cover
- Added various details
- Rebuilt lightmaps for 0.31.1

A large map designed for duel. Although it should be playable in other modes as well.

Be sure your r_lm_texel_size is set to 16(and that your config doesn't change this.), or the map will be full bright.

Spawn Point x18

Rocket Launcher x2
Ion Cannon x1
Bolt Rifle x1
Shotgun x1
Grenade Launcher x1
Chain Gun x1

100 x1
50 x1
25 x5
5 x13

150 x1
100 x1
50 x1
5 x12

Carnage x1

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-03-04No notes.
42015-03-01No notes.
32015-02-27No notes.
22015-02-26No notes.
12015-02-24Initial upload.
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