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File Details
Title: DP6 - [the gravesite]
Author: def and fht
Size: 12.4MB
Released: 2015-03-05
Last Revised: 2015-12-23
Downloads: 659
Forum link: [click]

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File Categories
  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
advanced duel map

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-23Full rework
82015-07-26added quad for tdm
72015-03-30added reflecionprobe to get rid of shiny surfaces->natural light
62015-03-18new hallway,item placement changed, other stuff
52015-03-15rail/ic switch,top area splashable,new tp to top area,brushwork
42015-03-11brushwork, bugfixes, lightmap fixed, some new spawns
32015-03-09advanced brushwork, changed some gameplay stuff
22015-03-07several additions, new aegypt theme, name renamed
12015-03-05Initial upload.
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