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Title: db_cloudflag
Author: Lowrater (MSTGamingTube)
Size: 16.4MB
Released: 2015-03-15
Last Revised: 2015-03-20
Downloads: 63
Forum link: [click]

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  • Maps - Other
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
So looked around the files of peoples maps, where i noticed none capture the flag programs, so i thought. "Then lets try it?"

made something to work out, but it feels kinda small, which often is my dilemma.

I would like some opinions so far of what i made, to also improve my work / idea.

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-03-20All rooms + portals finished, added lights, brushes, boxes
72015-03-19Edited ground 0, more lights, 4 rooms edit + top floor + brushes
62015-03-18edited ground 0, added more lights, brushes, DD, added flags.
52015-03-17Ground 0 added jp, tp, middle air movement, lights
42015-03-16Ground 0 added, brushes, re-made red/blue lights.
32015-03-16Lights at blue / red team, 4 more rooms, windows etc.
22015-03-16Removed DB_gael, added more windows and blockades at spawn.
12015-03-15Initial upload.
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