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Title: Tephra
Author: nyro
Size: 5.6MB
Released: 2015-03-21
Last Revised: 2015-05-13
Downloads: 209
Forum link: [click]

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  • Maps - 1v1

Author's Description
A fast paced duel map heavily influenced by Toxicity.

// Armor
- Red Armor
- Yellow Armor (x2)
- Armor Shard (x6)

// Health
- Mega Health
- 50 Health
- 25 Health (x3)
- 5 Health (x6)

// Weapons
- Shotgun
- Grenade Launcher
- Chain Gun
- Rocket Launcher (x2)
- Ion Cannon
- Bolt Rifle

// Revision 6
- Recompiled lightmaps for latest version of Reflex.

// Revision 5
- Revised YA and MH pipe double-jumps so that their cosmetic and collision are more consistent with the other pipe double-jumps in the map.
- Added and tweaked various details.

// Revision 4
- Fixed pipe collision in RA room again(No more invisible platforms).
- Moved Bolt Rifle back to top of RA room.
- Moved Grenade Launcher to bottom of YA room, near the teleporter.
- Moved Ion Cannon to back of MH(Old GL location.)
- Moved YA Rocket Launcher to bottom of RA room.
- Moved Chain Gun to the back pathway between YA/RA rooms, near the 50 Health.
- Added 5 Health (x3) to center top.
- Added 5 Health (x3) to RA pillar.
- Removed the 25 Health from RA pillar.
- Added a Reflection Probe(finally).
- Added and tweaked various details.

// Revision 3
- Added end round camera.

// Revision 2
- Fixed buggy collision caused by a diagonal pipe in RA room.
- Fixed a light leak.
- Moved Armor Shard (x3) from Center Top to Center Bottom.
- Moved Armor Shard (x3) from RA Pillar to staircase leading from RA room to Center Top.
- Moved 25 Health from YA room to hallway behind MH.
- Moved 25 Health from MH Grates to RA Pillar.
- Moved 50 Health from RA top to the window near by.
- Swapped Ion Cannon and Bolt Rifle spawn points.
- Adjusted various spawn points to face at 45 degree angles.
- Renamed the .map from lt_tephra to tephra.

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-05-13No notes.
52015-04-03No notes.
42015-03-24No notes.
32015-03-21No notes.
22015-03-21No notes.
12015-03-21Initial upload.
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