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Title: Ollie's Freestyle Map - Construction Yard
Author: MrOllie
Size: 37.5MB
Released: 2015-03-21
Last Revised: 2015-04-05
Downloads: 391
Forum link: [click]

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Author's Description
This map was inspired by the great defrag freestyle tricking videos, such as Cattuthaj Jhana, Trickin IT 2, and many others. I noticed a lack of freestyle defrag maps in ReFlex, so I wanted to make one specifically designed for it. Certain jump pads launch you at a little over the speed of rockets, allowing you to stack rockets easily or create your own runs.

Feel free to share on defrag servers, updates to the map will come once more testing is done and will be posted to the forums.

Please start the map in aTDM (callvote mode aTDM) in order to have unlimited ammo/health. There is no point to this map other than having fun, doing tricks, and practicing movement.

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Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-04-05Revised Geometry, New JumpPads, New "elevator", better lighting
22015-03-25Revised Geometry, New teleporter/JumpPads, added easter egg :P
12015-03-21Initial upload.
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