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Title: dm_fortress1
Author: StallioN
Size: 10.6MB
Released: 2015-06-24
Last Revised: 2015-06-24
Downloads: 69

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File Categories
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
This is the beginning to the DM_Fortress series of maps, which are battlement area "mashups" from Quakeworld Team Fortress maps. This map blends "shoop," "border1," and "beer2."

Best played with 12 players, though 8 could still work. 16 is yet to be attempted.

This map is still very much a work-in-progress. However, it is in a very playable state with numerous pickups throughout the map and close-yet-far PlayerSpawns. Textures are merely placeholders, and lighting is largely unfinished.

Comparison to the originals:

"shoop" by Zang[KiN]
"border1" by [REC]Someone
"beer2" by [SS]Gunther

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-06-24Accidentally added corrupted lightmap. Fixed.
32015-06-24Added clip prevent jumping outside of map. Updated lightmap.
22015-06-24Initial upload.
12015-06-24Included .light
Lighting only 25% finished
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