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Title: sdm1 - Lightcity
Author: spessu_sb
Size: 1.8MB
Released: 2015-09-06
Last Revised: 2016-02-08
Downloads: 246
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  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - FFA

Author's Description
Quake-style inspired, open designed, medium scale duel atrium map that focuses more on tactical gameplay rather than brute combat. Map is more tactical due to open design and weaker armor setup. No environmental hazards.

Carnage powerup located in center of map for Free For All mode.

sdm1 - lightcity

Type: Deathmatch
Mode: 1v1/duel, ffa
Players: 2-8
Layout: Duel Atrium
Scale: Medium
Shape: Open
Designer: spessu_sb


3x 5hp
3x 25hp
1x 50hp
1x mh
12x shard
2x ga
1x ya
1x sg
1x pg
1x ic
1x br
1x gl
2x rl

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
22015-12-29see thread for notes.
12015-09-06Initial upload.
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