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Title: vst1 - Abbadon
Author: Viscerated
Size: 4.4MB
Released: 2015-09-09
Last Revised: 2015-12-19
Downloads: 487
Forum link: [click]

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Author's Description
Quake/Doom gothic/satanic themed map. Layout inspiration partly from cpm15.

Thanks PixelTerrorist for finding bugs and giving suggestions that helped fix some problem areas. Thanks MAD_JIHAD for feedback and visual design ideas. Thanks to guilt, Kovaak, King, DraQu, Pulseeater, Eldrek, Gangland and any others I may have missed for playing and giving feedback. :)

1 x RA

2 x YA

1 x MH

1 x 50HP

4 x 25 HP (maybe 5? can't remember)

1 x PG, SG, IC, BR, GL

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-19Update for 0.38. See forum.
102015-12-01Fixed a major bug oversight.
92015-11-30See forum for details.
82015-10-23Updated for 0.37. Major changes, see forum.
72015-09-24Minor changes, see forum.
62015-09-13Big changes. See forum.
52015-09-10Last revision for a while. See forum for notes.
42015-09-10Geometry changes to improve map flow, visual changes.
32015-09-10More brightness and fixed some clipping.
22015-09-10Some visual updates to increase brightness and misc fixes.
12015-09-09Initial upload.
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