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AEpyraR2 - AEon's Pyramid for Reflex 2 >>
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Title: AEpyraR2 - AEon's Pyramid for Reflex 2
Author: AEon
Size: 7.7MB
Released: 2015-09-19
Last Revised: 2015-12-15
Downloads: 157
Forum link: [click]

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Author's Description
AEpyraR2, a sunny, fun FFA/Instagib map with Egyptian style architecture.

A pyramid with jump shaft, faces a temple with tall obelisk. A set of jumppads (layout reminiscent of q3dm17), ledges, and bridges connect these structures. Technically this is a space map.

Many parts of the map have been clipped off to keep the map fluid, and also to reduce the number of places where folks can camp. This was done with instagib in mind. The jump pads are very high arced, again with instagib in mind. The intent is to add as much "bounce" to the map as possible.

This version is based on AEpyraR ( now massively updated by using Reflex meshes.

r78... update to Reflex 0.38, see forum for details.
r77... update info on Reflex forum.

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-15r78: preview image, map info, nodraw removed
22015-10-02r77: pyramid "slide"-clipped, railing show clipping...
12015-09-19Initial upload.
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