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File Details
Title: Amh_b1
Author: Ammaccabanane
Size: 4.1MB
Released: 2015-10-24
Last Revised: 2015-12-01
Downloads: 206
Forum link: [click]

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File Categories
  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
small duel map thought for medium-advanced players
1RA, 1MH, 1YA, 1GA, 2RL + 1 of all other weapons.

//WARNING: .light map is for some reason not unzippable, you are going to have to manually r_lm_build until i figure out how to fix this.

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-01No notes.
52015-12-01reworked ra side, spawns and meshes (hopefully .light map works)
42015-10-25fixed .light file being corrupted in .zip folder
32015-10-24corrected some silly clip-issues
22015-10-24accidentally uploaded outdated version
12015-10-24Initial upload.
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