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rr_endlcorr - Endless Corridorrs >>
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Title: rr_endlcorr - Endless Corridorrs
Author: Ulti
Size: 2.5MB
Released: 2015-11-22
Last Revised: 2015-12-03
Downloads: 70

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  • Maps - Movement

Author's Description
A currently in progress race map that is focused more on accuracy and consistancy rather than speed. The expected final length is to be long (around 1.5-2 minutes if no deaths) with a few save points, and the difficulty is medium.

Current Progress:
First part done: YES
Second part done: No
Third part done: No
Fourth part done: No
Meshes: No

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-03-Closed walls
-Added lava
-Polished some jumps
-Added secret
32015-11-23-Walls and roofs
-End of 1st part of map
22015-11-22-Some walls
-Teles to prevent falling
-Some vectors
12015-11-22Initial upload.
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