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File Details
Title: Rapture
Author: A. Benz
Size: 4.5MB
Released: 2016-01-02
Last Revised: 2016-01-22
Downloads: 170
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File Categories
  • Maps - 1v1

Author's Description
Duel Map

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-01-22No notes.
192016-01-20higher IC roof, wider MH entrance, changed MH-area slightly
182016-01-18No notes.
172016-01-16clipping, thanks danskq
162016-01-14added tele to MH-area
152016-01-09No notes.
142016-01-09item changes, slight object changes
132016-01-08changed SG for plasma and made top-cave corner a bit wider
122016-01-08No notes.
112016-01-06clipping, sorry. hope workshop will come soon. fuck me.
102016-01-06clipping, higher lower ramp entrance, teleporter art
92016-01-05+1 spawn, widened some entrances/exits, adjusted RL position
82016-01-05missing clipping, sooorry
72016-01-05- art art art
62016-01-04No notes.
52016-01-04visual changes/clipping
42016-01-04swapped mh/ya, new path at MH, removed 2-way tele
32016-01-02more clipping, wooder-frame towards YA-room
22016-01-02minor bug-fixes ... MH visibility, clipping
12016-01-02Initial upload.
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