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File Details
Title: evp1 - Under Pressure
Author: The Void
Size: 1.5MB
Released: 2016-01-02
Last Revised: 2016-01-09
Downloads: 116
Forum link: [click]

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File Categories
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
Currently, Reflex is lacking a good pool of truly chaotic FFA / TDM maps. This map attempts to fix that issue.
Introducing "Under Pressure", a high intensity, single atrium pit arena focusing on one-way teleporters and vertical engagements; designed for 4-8 players.

This map is currently v1.0 and considered finished unless gameplay affecting bugs are found (or something that seriously doesn't work) and baring any future styling & ascetics.

2x SG
2x GL
2x PG
2x RL
1x IC
1x BR

1x Carnage
1x RA
2x YA
2x GA
10x Shards
1x Mega
2x 50HP
2x 25HP
18x 5HP

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-01-09I lied. Bug fixes.
102016-01-09Final version unless bugs are found.
92016-01-08lots of changes
82016-01-03Added "walls" in center
72016-01-03Various changes to speed up gameplay.
62016-01-03Moved RA and Carnage thanks to play test feedback.
52016-01-03clip fix
42016-01-02Geometry overhaul on carnage. Should alleviate some BR spam.
32016-01-02Minor geometry changes for yellow and blue teleporters.
22016-01-02Added Color coded bars to lower teleporters.
12016-01-02Initial upload.
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