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File Details
Title: vst420 - Monastery
Author: Viscerated and MAD_JIHAD
Size: 3MB
Released: 2016-01-07
Downloads: 108
Forum link: [click]

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File Categories
  • Maps - 1v1

Author's Description
First-pass release of our new 1v1 map. We decided to release an official fully-functional version since it has received a lot of positive feedback and people want to play it.

We'll further update it with better, more complete art, hence why this is just a first-pass official release.

We hope to see it in some tourneys. :D

2x RL
1x other weapons

1x RA
2x YA
1x MH

1x 50HP
4x 25HP

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-01-07Initial upload.
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