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Title: Caracalla (casm)
Author: Cat_Smoker
Size: 2.5MB
Released: 2016-01-09
Downloads: 62

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File Categories
  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - Other
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
FFA/Arena map with a heavy focus on movement and jumps. While the map is large, it's easy to traverse in a few seconds with correct movement. Also works well for 1v1s if you're playing against people who aren't obscenely good at railing.

1x RA
2x YA
1x GA
1x Mega
2x Rocket Launcher
1x Grenade Launcher
1x Boltrifle
2x Ion Cannon
2x Shotgun
2x Plasma gun
1x Skeleton

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-01-09Initial upload.
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