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Title: Quickfire
Author: Greed
Size: 1.8MB
Released: 2016-06-01
Last Revised: 2016-07-31
Downloads: 213
Forum link: [click]

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  • Maps - 1v1
  • Maps - FFA
  • Maps - Movement
  • Maps - TDM

Author's Description
A hardcore mid-sized duel map boasting vertical gameplay and paths around an open map center. Advanced movement offers flexible connections between the main floors for intercepting opponents and accessing the main items from multiple directions.

Inspired by the map "Quickfire" from Quake II (PSX) and CPMA gameplay, this map showcases architecture in the style of a Strogg base from the classic games by id software.

1 RA, 2 YA, 1 GA, 7 AS
1 MH, 1x 50HP 4x 25HP, 3x 5HP
1 BR, 1 IC, 2 RL, 1 GL, 1 PR, 1 SG

- close to mid quarters
- vertical gameplay
- central main items
- flexible, yet demanding movement
- hard to control

Full Title: gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

Thanks to: PhunkMazterK, Ammaccabanane, tehace, Kyto, LuGi, MaZZel, time, Lat, Ivan O, def, tfC, truck, play3r, and all playtesters

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2016-07-31Update: 31 Jul @ 2:36pm Version 9
62016-07-24Update: 24 Jul @ 1:24pm Version 8
52016-07-21Update: 21 Jul @ 4:49pm Version 7
42016-07-16Update: 16 Jul @ 1:20pm Version 6
32016-06-16No notes.
22016-06-11Update: 10 Jun @ 1:19am
Version 4
12016-06-01Initial upload.
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