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Title: DP4 - [abandoned shelter]
Author: def
Size: 6.8MB
Released: 2014-12-30
Last Revised: 2015-12-13
Downloads: 1432
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  • Maps - 1v1

Author's Description
advanced fast gameplay

The path to time. - ReflexFPS and DP4: The Abandoned Shelter

Version History
Rev. Uploaded Notes
Latest2015-12-13hotfix for a single clip (!!!:])
this comes with 0.38
212015-11-18just a hotfix for some bugs
202015-11-16new theme, GA removed, YA changed
192015-08-26little hotfix
182015-08-26re-theme to shelter space station. moved sg-tp a bit, also GA
172015-07-17no need to download, only if u have broken lightmap
162015-06-22removed fence window in RA/Rail room
152015-05-26visual update
142015-05-16new texture theme
132015-03-30added reflecionprobe to get rid of shiny surfaces->natural light
122015-03-05fixed RA platform with 8units to get splash
112015-02-02oops, took dp5 files in the zip by mistake instead of dp4. fixed
102015-02-02clipping fixed, added new YA and changed GA, made sky darker
92015-01-15rollback to v7. rework rail area+MH. changed txt color+Ya pillar
82015-01-10itembalance changed. added new midfloor
72015-01-05there was a second rail by mistake :D
62015-01-05visual layout added, balance rework
52015-01-03fixed YA roof clipping, resize MH jumppad, teleporter wider now
42015-01-02added floor to SG, changed YA, items switched, tele jump fixed
32015-01-02forgot to add ending screen :p
22015-01-02YA lowered+ledge, GA telejump fixed, mega doublejump box fixed
12014-12-30Initial upload.
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