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Title Categories Released Updated Compatible Downloads*
b0 - Movement training for Reflexmove2015-02-072016-04-08☑ All versions1804
DP4 - [abandoned shelter]1v12014-12-302015-12-13☑ All versions1408
DP5 - [furnace]1v12015-02-022016-01-25☑ All versions1269
reflexJump.zipmove other2014-12-142015-05-16☑ All versions945
Campgrounds2014 (cpm-dm6)1v1 ffa tdm2014-11-302014-12-02☑ All versions778
brcj1amove2014-12-032014-12-07☐ Outdated (28)705
DP6 - [the gravesite]1v1 tdm2015-03-052015-12-23☑ All versions661
Quakeworld Aerowalk1v1 ffa tdm2014-11-282014-11-28☑ All versions588
DM-Ashur1v1 ffa tdm2015-08-282015-09-11☑ All versions505
SMR-REFLEXGROUNDS1v1 ffa other tdm2015-05-162015-05-20☑ All versions497
Q3-ZTN v1.0.zip1v1 ffa other tdm2015-03-142015-03-18☐ Outdated (30)493
vst1 - Abbadon1v1 ffa2015-09-092015-12-19☑ All versions490
f14p11v12015-05-012015-11-27☑ All versions475
Perflexiamove other2014-11-262014-12-01☑ All versions455
pukka3tourney21v12015-03-082015-04-15☐ Outdated (36)443
brpadsmove2015-01-09---☑ All versions439
cpm151v12015-06-222015-06-29☑ All versions419
Monsoon1v12015-06-062015-08-24☑ All versions412
thcdm13 - The Simplicity1v12015-01-252015-10-13☐ Outdated (30)411
Ollie's Freestyle Map - Construction Yardmove other2015-03-212015-04-05☑ All versions393
Aerowalk1v12015-12-312016-02-14☑ All versions383
Zen1move2014-12-132015-05-14☑ All versions378
SMR-Q1DM11v1 ffa other2015-04-282015-04-28☑ All versions370
rr_castlerunmove other2015-07-172015-11-15☑ All versions360
smilecj.zipmove2014-12-04---☐ Outdated (28)355

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